Alex Feldman alternative comedy and unique variety act.


“He can make the stiffest of stiffs laugh”
Boston Magazine

Alex O’Brien Feldman, gets belly laughs before he even says a word.

Then he clears his throat.

Strange words you never heard pop out, and you giggle. Some would call these nonsense sounds or gibberish! You may not know exactly what he’s saying, but you totally relate to just what he’s feeling. His humanity resonates in every human heart. That’s just one reason he’s performed in festivals and theaters from Northern Siberia to Southern New Zealand, from Off-Broadway to “America’s got Talent“.

“Makes everyone feel good”
Vancouver Week-End Edition

Public Radio International hailed Alex’s work as a cultural ambassador. The US State Department sent Alex to Russia, for both theaters downtown, and to orphanages in the country. He has also performed at

- The Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal -
– Festival Internacional Chihuahua -
– The Singapore Arts Festival -
– America’s Got Talent -
– World Performance Festival of Japan -
– Andy Kaufman Festival, NYC -
– KimTom in China -
– Moisture-Fest in Seattle -

“Alexander sold out 10 of 11 shows. Our audiences couldn’t get enough of him”
Beth Rose Alaska Center for the Performing Arts

TEDx Talk — Alex shares useful tips on nonverbal communication

Alex’s life work at connecting deeply without language has made him an accidental expert at non-verbal communication. His TED talk, “Primal Talk: The Secret Language of Human Connection “ combines performance with lecture/demo, and can be seen on YouTube. Here is a condensed version:


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